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Ltd "NPP "Metrika" – high-grade foundry production

Ltd "NPP "Metrika" welcomes all visitors of the website and offers to get to know better our activity. We are targeting a market of shot and metalware production more than 12 years since 2003. In 2014 foundry production has been kick-started due to power supply of steel-casting foundry of Ltd “Mining Machinery”. It applies processing techniques of foundry workpieces intended for ore mining segment equipment.

Nowadays the production forges ahead, it improves its power supply, it is also added by new types of products, improves the quality of output product and decreases prime cost of these products. The work of Ltd "NPP "Metrika" force consists from 250 persons.


Offered range of products


Over the years of its existence, the company emphasizes on a such types of products:

  • Production of cast steel, chopped steel, cast-iron and chopped iron shot, certificated according with international quality standards;

  • Steelmaking in particular steel and cast iron founding for ore mining segment;

  • Production of metal goods as well as production of high-impact fixing system according to generally accepted State Standards as well as to individual sketches of the customers.


Shot production and implementation


Steel and cast iron shot production has been chosen by our company as a priority direction, which satisfies All Union SAE J444 in particular following types:

S110; S170; S230; S280; S330; S390; S460; S550; S660; S780; S930; S1110; S1320.
GH120; GH80; GH50; GH40; GH25; GH18; GH16; GH14; GH12; GH10.

GL120; GL80; GL50: GL40; GL25; GL18; GL16; GL14; GL12; GL10.

GP120; GP80; GP50; GP40; GP25; GP18; GP16; GP14; GP12; GP10.

GS120; GS80; GS50; GS40; GS25; GS18; GS16; GS14; GS12; GS10.

Product manufacturing is provided under continuous quality control which comprises all stages of production process.

Finished cast product is distinguished by high quality of surface preparation, by high shock resistance, optimized impact strength and high performance characteristics.

It’s stipulated first of all by well-chosen chemical composition, by metal homogenous structure, by fine-grained martensite, by stable and narrow variance according to grain-size composition and hardness. In such a manner with the help of our shot you can easily get high quality, efficient and fast processing of surfaces which are out of the reach of direct impact. More often cast shot is used in shot-blasting equipment. Production is implemented in a wide range of prices.

Chopped shot production is made of the cast shot by split method. The more grains consist in kilo of production the higher processing speed of surface. Efficiency of production process becomes higher due to rougher surface in tube and pipe production, shipbuilding, steel constructions etc.


Steelmaking: cast iron and steel founding


Our steel-casting foundry produces workpieces for mining industry. The following steel-smelting equipment is used for production manufacturing:

  • electric-arc furnace Press wood-12, which metal consumption is 12 tons and minimal load ratio is 9 tons;

  • induction crucible furnace ICHT-1;

  • induction crucible furnace IST-500.

Existence of specific high efficiency equipment as well as experience in sphere of heat treating allows reaching of desired surface microstructure as well as its optimal physical features.


Metal goods


Output metal goods and high-impact fixing system are extensively used in engineering and building. Except widely accepted All Union State Standards we offer our customers production of fixing system according to individual sketches and original drawings. Due to special equipment which our company has, it’s possible to manufacture individually designed products, which have unusual shape, size or are made of non-gage materials.

An assortment of these products is being consistently expanded as the sphere of application of fixing system has no limits and it’s connected directly with different kinds of human activity. In everyday life as well as in a business environment there is a necessity to connect one or other details. Sometimes welded joint is not the only one possible way for this task solution. A wide range of different types of fixing system refers to metal goods:

  • Screws;

  • Screw bolts;

  • Gibbs;

  • Furniture fixing system;

  • Screw nuts;

  • Decorative fixing system;

  • Support hooks;

  • Tire components;

  • Screw nails;

  • Clinchers and many other things.


Our advantages


Ltd "NPP "Metrika" consistently develops and consolidates its positions on domestic market as well as on markets of CIS nations. Full closed cycle of well approved manufacture of all products’ assortment as well as delivery to every customer is a doubtless advantage of our company.

Among other advantages we should also notice:

  • Constant quality control of output products;

  • All enabling and certifying documents availability;

  • Batch and piece production;

  • Many years’ experience of work;

  • Wide assortment of finished production of different price range according to economic.

Please contact us! We are waiting for our customers!