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Forged and stamped parts - forge shop

Ltd "NPP "Metrika" - is the leading company with a cyclical turnaround. We carried out almost all kinds of work with metal. It can be cutting, forging, and stamping of ferrous and nonferrous metals. The company’s products are known as high quality and economically sound. It makes Ltd "NPP "Metrika" competitive and allows to strengthen its position in the domestic and foreign markets.

Forged and stamped parts produced by the forge shop are presented in a wide variety. It can be gears, knifes used for the work with metal,
rivets, fittings, eyebolts and other products.

Produced forgings

The forging process allows to achieve metal hardening, making its structure fine, and improving the metal structure, which becomes fibered.

Conventionally, all produced by Ltd "NPP "Metrika"forgings can be classified into the following groups:
wheel forging;
step-shaped shafts forging;
smooth arbors and shafts forging;
slabs, squares forging;
knifes for metal forging;
rings forging.

Large-lot forging carries out in machine way. Among the items up to 10 kilograms we can distinguish chisel billet, press dies, knives, lifting brackets and timber dogs. Shafts, arbors, wheels, sprockets, bushings, press matrices, lifting brackets and timber dogs are included in the category of products weighing up to 25 kg with a diameter of 20-250 mm. In addition, forge shop offers the manufacture of products with mass 1200 - 1500 kilograms, including large arbors, shafts, pinion shafts, gears, wheels, bushings, sprockets, blades, stamping dies.

Produced stampings

For the production of workpieces, dies can be used. With the help of workpieces, the processed metal is limited on all sides of the die cavity. Moreover, produced workpieces takes the form of the die cavity. In this way, we can obtain the desired size and shape of stamping.

In comparison with the open-die forging method, the stamping with the use of backer workpieces has a small metal allowances, that helps to achieve a significant raw material savings. In addition, the labor costs associated with the further workpiece metalworking are reduced. To achieve a greater economy and to simplify the process, the approximate configuration of the metal workpiece is attached by a free forging, and the final shape is achieved by stamping.

The stamping carried out using the force to 1800 kilograms, that allows bending of metal sheet with a thickness less than 30 mm., width - 200 mm., length - 1000 mm. Using the force to 2,500 kilograms for stamping on four plain workpieces eyebolts with capacity of 0.63 - 4 tons and other products are produced.

Our company also offers metal products stamping, including bolts, anchor bolts, rivets, nuts, eyebolts. Own tool-stamping production allows achieving a wide range of products. Serial forging and stamping, and production of new workpieces of samples according to individual orders are possible.