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Metal goods
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Metal goods

Ltd "NPP "Metrika" owns the production of fasteners and metal products. The company mechanical portion produces fixing systems both standard and non-standard configuration according to individual customer's drawings. Today, our products are the one of the most demanded in the national economy, in the work of different mechanisms, building industry, etc. Our fixing system is the economically profitable purchase. The prime cost is economically justified and does not include the additional costs.

Metal goods types

All fixing products can be divided into two main groups: general metal goods (threaded pieces) and variety of construction fixing systems. The main types of metal products are:


Screws; Screw bolts; Screw nuts; Gibbs; Special fixing systems;  Furniture fixing system; Nails; Planks; Expansion bolt shield; Support hooks; Connectors; Mechanical fastener; Rail fasteners; Anchor; Clinchers and etc.

Our metal goods are the top performer among the other types of rolled stock. The assortment used in the industry, household and metal products general-purpose includes hundreds of varieties. In accordance with the growing needs, the range of metal goods is constantly expanding and complemented with new samples and types.

The use of Ltd "NPP "Metrika"metal goods

Virtually there is no such sphere, where you needn’t to connect products or separate components and parts. In some cases, for this purposes the welding method is used. However, it is easier to carry out the fixing with the help metal goods.
Metal, wood, drywall, plastic and other widespread components can be connected by the metal goods. Moreover, our metal goods has been widely used in building industry.

Operational characteristics of metal goods
Due to the quality of the undertaken work at each stage of fasteners production, we managed to achieve high operating characteristics of product. T
he key operational benefits of Ltd "NPP "Metrika"metal goods are the following:

Quick and easy mounting;
resistance to various aggressive environmental effects;
can be used in a broad temperature range;
high levels of durability and strength.

In addition to the high technical and operational value, our metal goods are competitive in the domestic and foreign markets. A wide range of products of this segment allows you to purchase various specialized fixing for mounting and construction works.