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Non-standard fixing system


Non-standard fixing systemLtd "NPP "Metrika" produces a wide range of standard and non-standard metal goods, including screws, nuts, bolts, etc. Fixing of various origin complies with all technical requirements of GOST, DIN, and is thoroughly tested at all stages of production of, so it is durable, resistant to significant overloads and durable, even under the most aggressive exploitation.



A special attention is paid to the production of non-standard fixing systems. All modification, regardless of the complexity can be produced in accordance with the customers’ samples and drawings. Non-standard fixing systems are identified as a separate category in our price-list. The assortment of non-standard fixing system is constantly updated and supplemented with new types.


The unique manufacturing process allows our company to produce non-standard fixing systems. Our products are fully in line with the drawings, accompanying regulations, instructions, customer requirements, and any technical documentation from the processing degree up to the size and quality of materials used for manufacturing. Our fixing systems will carry out its functions reliably and flawlessly even in the special conditions.

This category includes types of
fixing systems with the technical specifications that are not regulated by generally accepted standards, namely:

large bolts;
non-standard screws with increased durability;
rivets of different types;
lock catches;
bolsters and hooks;
screws rings, half-rings of different sizes;
fittings group, plugs;
studs, pins, plain washers;
arbors of various types and etc.

Our customers can discuss all the requirements for the production of non-standard fixing systems with the managers of Ltd "NPP "Metrika"individually. The competent experts will point all the order conditions, calculate the approximate cost of the order according to its complexity and volume, and the possible delivery time. In addition, technologists are ready to assist in the preparation of technical documentation.


We use high-precision equipment and the highly qualified staff experience to produce our best non-standard fixing systems. If the customer cannot list in the price to find the required fixing system, it is enough just to inform our staff with the specification to the equipment or its billets-drawings.

The loyal customers of Ltd "NPP "Metrika" have the opportunity to enjoy the special price offers for the repeat orders for manufacturing non-standard fasteners.