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Shaped casting

Ltd "NPP "Metrika" offers shaped casting of various sizes and configurations, including shaped casting with cavities, internal passages, in accordance with the models.


Castings is produced in sand clay mold boxes. The main types of the patterns are wooden, expanded polystyrene and aluminum. Castings are made from high-hardness, low-carbon and carbon, nonrusting steels, various kinds of cast iron.

Ltd "NPP "Metrika" carries out the qualitative shaped casting according to the State Standard. Due to the professional approach, high quality and accurate equipment, significant experience the shaped casting will provide the necessary product functionality. We are very proud to occupy a leading position on the Ukrainian market.

The shaped casting on the automatic production lines carries out castings up to 300 kilograms, moreover the unit castings can weight from 5 kg up to 8 tons. The casting is implemented by the gas model method. The whole process is carried out under the technologists’ supervision.

Casting flow diagram

Shaped casting comes under the following processing chain:

The preparation of the foundry and core sand;
the production of the relevant forms or their design and production according to the customer’s drawing;
the core production;
the final form assemblage;
the heating of steel, cast iron for casting;
the filling the stock molds;
the removal of finished workpieces from the mold;
the chemical and thermal processing of finished casting if necessary;
the final mechanical processing of the casting( if it is needed).

Today, due to its own shaped casting shop, Ltd "NPP "Metrika"
uses the modern technologies of casthouse production. This allows to provide the customers with high-quality castings of any size and shape and various grades of cast iron and steel in accordance with the State Standard. For this purpose, the modern 3D equipment is used.


The main spheres of shaped casting usage

With the use of fast and inexpensive shaped casting the components and mechanisms for the various machines, a wide variety of household objects with complex shapes are produced. The shaped casting products is widely used in engineering and other spheres of industry, as it allows to satisfy the consumer’s requests for quantitative and qualitative.


By this method, with the use of blanks, the duplicate parts of high accuracy production can be obtained in a short time. In addition, our company offers the production according to individual customers' drawings. In the model department, any model can be designed and produced taking into account the customer's wishes.