Steel shot, cast-iron shot

Steel shot, cast-iron shot
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Steel shot, cast-iron shot

Every month Ltd "NPP "Metrika" produces about 1500 tons of technical shot, including steel (cast and chopped), iron (cast and chopped). All products are heat-treated. The company produces the brands and fractions of shot according to SAE J444.

Types of produced shot

Ltd "NPP "Metrika" produces the following types of cast-iron and steel shot:SAE J444

S110; S170; S230; S280; S330; S390; S460; S550; S660; S780; S930; S1110; S1320.

GH120; GH80; GH50; GH40; GH25; GH18; GH16; GH14; GH12; GH10.

GL120; GL80; GL50: GL40; GL25; GL18; GL16; GL14; GL12; GL10.

GP120; GP80; GP50; GP40; GP25; GP18; GP16; GP14; GP12; GP10.

GS120; GS80; GS50; GS40; GS25; GS18; GS16; GS14; GS12; GS10.

Дробь стальная литаяДСЛУ 1.4Дробь стальная литая 2.2Дробь стальная колотаяДробь стальная колотая Дробь стальная колотая 1.8

The SAE J444 sets up the technical requirements for the shot, which is made for the needs of national economy, and extends to the steel, cast- iron and chopped shot, that targets for the following:
The air shot and airless shot cleaning of forgings, casting, rolled steel; the hardfacing of various types of heavy duty components such as shaft, spring, bow spring, gear wheel; roll mill ragging and other process operations.

Technical characteristics

Due to the heat treatment, the technical characteristics of our shot are characterized by the high cycle stability. The lifetime of our finished products is at 5-10 times longer than the lifetime of non-heat-treated shot. At the same time, the shot blast machines operate with a reduced consumption of abrasives and high-priced workpieces.

Goods shipment

Ltd "NPP "Metrika" works according the long-term contracts as well as the single orders of shot supply. Shipment occurs after the order confirmation within 5 calendar days from the date of cash payment and income to the company bank account.

The customers can receive a shot in the big-bag bags with 1-ton capacity and railway containers with 4 tons capacity. On each packed party, there is the information about product name, manufacturer,
graphical symbol of shot, weight. The delivery can be carried out by any mode of transport:

mail deliveries,
customer pick up from stock.

Delivery is possible both to the domestic and foreign markets.

The company offers a flexible pricing policy. The cost of each order is calculated individually, which specifies the terms of cooperation. For regular customers installment payments are possible.

Ltd "NPP "Metrika" ensures the products conformity to the present standard requirements if the requirements of shot transportation and storage are complied.