The pattern equipment

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The pattern equipment

The pattern equipment

The Foundry of Ltd "NPP "Metrika" offers the casting of models, including the design and manufacture of molds of various complexity. To carry out this production we operate many years’ experience of experts and advanced equipment. In accordance with the customer’s requirements a model-casting pulley housing, instruments, flanges, frame, pump impellers and casings, forms for art casting and etc. can be produced.

The pattern equipment production

All production connected with the design and implementation of pattern
equipment orders can be carried out quickly and efficiently, regardless of its level of complexity. Our foundry is equipped with the relevant capacities. The complete production cycle consists of the following steps:

The coordination of all requests and technical requirements with the customer;
the modules design and creation of drawings produced by the accurate engineering work conducting with the use mathematical modeling techniques;
the development of the technology cycle, splitting it into constructive elements of the pattern equipment manufacturing;
the development of appropriate software for CNC machine tools for the pattern equipment processing;
the production of the relevant modules;
the casting products realization;
the finished pattern equipment control.

The finished pattern equipment is offered to customers with a complete set of supporting documentation in electronic form with the indication of the actual size and the corresponding 3D model.

Our advantages

Regardless of the order complexity, our specialists will solve all tasks and technological points. The main advantages of the
pattern equipment production by our company are:

The short timing of orders;
The provision of full-cycle production of pattern equipment;
The highest product quality and its compliance with all technical standards and individual needs and desires of customers, high wear resistance, accuracy, maintainability;
The wide range of materials required for orders for the pattern equipment;
The availability of the modern equipment, highly skilled staff;
The possibility of manufacturing the large parties of the pattern equipment;
The optimal pricing policy, competitive prices.

Our pattern equipment produced in keeping with the best traditions of quality would become key to success of our customers.